Free fax software

Till recently, free fax software was not available and traditional fax machines were the only options available to users. Fax machines are expensive to install and they also involve recurring costs.  Another difficulty associated with traditional fax machines is,  that they demand the physical presence of the user. Unless the machines  are  manually operated, receiving or dispatching a fax is  not possible. These problems made  communicating via fax difficult for most people. However, with the recently developed free fax software, most of these issues have been solved.
Free fax software
Using this software is as easy as it is convenient. To begin with,  one is  assigned a fax number, similar to the practice in traditional fax machines. Thereafter, any fax received at this number, is automatically forwarded to the user’s email address as an attachment. This is done by using the free fax software.

To send a fax, the user needs to go to the website of the online free fax software provider. The number of the intended  recipient of the fax is to be specified.  Documents  or messages can thus be transmitted.

The  recurring monthly  costs that  the online fax software entails poses a problem to some users. For such consumers, setting up their own free fax software online is a good option. This involves only a registration fee, with no setting up  fee or additional  monthly expenses. To beat the intense competition, some service providers allow users to send free faxes. This benefit is a boon to those who are on a tight budget.

There are several free fax software solutions available, depending upon the user’s requirements. The free fax software can be downloaded and installed in a PC. Using it may need configuring of the modem. The free fax software provider will advise the user as to how this is to be done. This software is compatible with all modems.

The greatest advantage of the internet is the vast opportunities available on it. Free fax software is a welcome convenience offered by the internet , to those who wish to transmit  vital documents or information in a secure manner.  This facility can be used without the constraints of space, costs and location.

WinFax Merger

WinFax Merger is a special online tool that offers people excellent fax facilities. This free fax software is so easy to use, and allows users to send  multi-page documents including fax, fxs, fxr, and fxd files. Using this tool, people can combine three separate documents into a single file with all the three items included. Simply put, it can merge multiple documents into a single multi-page fax file.

Stupid Fax

Contrary to its name, Stupid Fax is not a stupid tool at all. In fact, this free fax software, commands certain modems to  automatically save  and print incoming faxes.  Connecting this software to a printer eliminates all possibilities of any faxed documents being missed by the receiver.  Furthermore, it keeps a comprehensive and detailed record of all the fax activities of the  computer in which it is installed , including their print status, date, as well as time. With all these wonderful features, this free fax software is truly a wonderful convenience provided to users.

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