How to Send Free Fax Online

Fax is the short form of facsimile and the traditional way to receive and send a fax is by using a fax machine. But with the growing popularity of internet and its applications, a way to send free fax has been discovered and this is called Internet faxing. In internet faxing, you can send and receive free fax online without spending any money.
There are many ways to send a free fax online. One of the most common ways is to scan the document to be faxed using a scanner and convert the image into a digitalized document. This digital document is then sent via an email by the sender and the receiver has to just take a print out of the scanned copy of the document attached along with the mail. This is a very simple way to send a free fax online.
There are a variety of services available in the market that allow one to use the Internet to send faxes, suited to different situations. Some are free while others are pay services. Some services require Web access. Others may require the installation of special software on the computer. Some of the services of choice to send free fax online include MetroFax, FaxitNice, MaxEmail, Green Fax, SRFax, FlatRateFax, eFax, SmartFax and so on. MetroFax allows the dispatch and reception of faxes via e-mail or by printing to fax from the Microsoft Windows applications. For occasional faxing, FaxIT is preferred where the user needs to create a prepaid FaxIt Credit send-only account. It is a good deal because it does not entail a monthly fee: the charges are approximately 15 to 18 cents per page, depending on volume. However, fax numbers are lost after 180 days of inactivity.
How to Send Free Fax Online
MaxEmail, one of the oldest Internet fax services, lets the user receive faxes and voicemail as e-mail attachments, and send faxes via e-mail or the web. GreenFax (formerly known as IntelliFax) offers full-service internet-faxing solutions. Local fax numbers for receiving faxes are available in 150+ area codes. SRFax allows the sending free fax online and provides a toll-free phone number for incoming faxes. FlatRateFax is a straight-forward service that offers email-based faxing for individuals as well as bulk faxing for business customers. The eFax service provides a local number which delivers incoming faxes to an e-mail account. The SmartFax Toll Free plan is priced the same, with the same features and there is no setup charge. It offers 30-day free trial, which automatically continues to become a paid package after the free trial period expires.
With so many options available and considering the easy availability of internet worldwide, sending a free fax online is the best way to exchange documents. Also, because of various advantages like cost saving, no need for a fax machine and paper, faxes can be forwarded to any number of recipients at the same time and unlimited electronic storage of faxes for future retrieval, it is more efficient to send and receive free fax online rather than using the traditional way of faxing.